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Susan Starbuck

I have lost OVER 100 pounds. I am off of ALL of my medications

I started my journey to health with ’s program under protest, and not with the greatest attitude! My primary care physician referred me to the program after I informed him that I intended to go off of all 9 of my prescriptions due to the side affects and contraindications associated with them. The 2 most common problems associated with most of them were weight gain and muscle pain - I was extremely obese and had Fibromyalgia, for crying out loud!! I had tried for over 20 years to lose weight, but had trouble exercising because of the pain associated with my Fibromyalgia. The doctor had sent me to his nutritionist, who had me keep a food diary for over a month.. and she said I was doing nothing wrong, yet I kept GAINING weight! I WAS DESPERATE! But when my doctor asked me to try one more thing before giving up on my medications for diabetes, high blood pressure, reflux and more, I assumed he was just trying to stall… None-the-less I agreed to give it a "TRY"

So it began. The first thing my "instructor" informed me about, of course, was that I must exercise to remain in the program. This infuriated me, and I was ready to quit right then and there! If looks could kill… But amazingly, seemingly unfazed by my glare, she asked me if I could "walk for 2 minutes". When I acceded that I probably could manage that, she threw another question out. "Could I walk 2 minutes 5 times in one day?" Well, now, that was pushing it, but I agreed to try. At the same time my thoughts were "Why???" I had done all the "reading". Supposedly a person needed at least 20 minutes of sustained aerobic exercise to benefit from it, so why bother? But, then if it kept me in the program long enough to convince my physician I had truly "tried", well then, okay. What this smart lady knew, that I did not, was that once I started, 2 minutes turned to 3 minutes, which in turn became 5 minutes, which led to 10 minutes, and so on. Today I walk an average of 45 minutes to an hour per day, with a good 2 hour walk thrown in occasionally. I have walked 6.5 miles in approximately 2 hours numerous times as of this writing. In addition, I have learned from informative literature provided with the program, that new studies have been done since my previous "reading" and that "short bouts" are beneficial after all!

How long have I been in the program? 6-1/2 months!! I have lost OVER 100 pounds. I am off of ALL of my medications, and NOT because I "just quit taking them", but because as I lost weight and walked more, HEALTH was the result! The program physician removed them one by one, as my body did not NEED them any more!! I am still working on losing more weight, so that I will no longer be "overweight", and will have the best possible chance of continued health.

Why am I sharing this? Because my goal when I started this was to regain my health. I am a 50 year old mother of 6, and grandmother to 5, so I figure if this can work for me, it can work for others who may have given up long ago, who may have decided they just have to "live with" the health problems, the expense of medications, the lack of energy, the too-small seats at every event and mode of transportation, the ill-fitting clothing, and every other discomfort that comes with being overweight. Maybe you tell your grandchild "Grandma just has to sit down, now.." That was where I was at before Hackley’s Health Management Resources Program (). Now I am healthy and happy, thanks to the dedicated staff, the easy to follow dietary plan, and just a little determination on my part. The shakes are the best tasting I have ever tried, and the "decision free" aspect of this program has made it the easiest way I have ever come across to manage my dietary intake while leading an extremely busy life. If you run into one of my 5 grandchildren, be sure to ask them how much fun grandma is NOW!

Susan Starbuck

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