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Shirly Santana

I'll Always be 's number one fan!

How did you first hear of ?
I found HHM in the phone book, and had heard of it about 10 years ago, when I was looking for a weight loss program.

How did the staff treat you?
With dignity, respect, and professionalism.

What did you like about the program?
The staff are great people, the group settings with others striving toward the same goals, and the information given on health, exercise, nutrition and weight management.

What would you tell people that say they can't do it?
I would tell them that at one time I had felt the same way, but that HHM has changed my life.

What motivated you about the program?
Seeing results week after week and being able to maintain my weight loss.

How do you feel now that you have lost weight?
I feel great about how I look and feel!

I once believed I couldn't do it, but HHM changed my life!

Shirly Santana
Muskegon, MI

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