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Ruth Davidson

I'm a ‘Life-r’

I had not done a lot of diets before . I just wasn't interested and I kept gaining weight. At my highest weight I was 226 pounds. To maintain that, you eat a lot of junk. You're not eating foods that make you feel good physically. If I went on vacation or a day trip it was all about eating. Before, I would always try to cover up my body, even in the summer. I was hot all the time.

When I started with , I lost the weight really quickly. I lost 10 pounds the first week. Within 2-3 weeks, people were noticing. All of a sudden, I could shop in "regular" stores because I'm now a "standard size".

Today I can run upstairs, wear shorts comfortably, and not worry about id I get the middle seat on an airplane, because now I can fit comfortably. People often do double takes. I ran into an old friend and she still had a hard time believing it was really me.

I am into fast and convenient and meal replacements fit my lifestyle. The program is all about calorie-control. I have completely adapted my strategies based on what I have learned. gave me the knowledge, willpower, and support to do it.

"I'm a 'life-r'"

Very Low-Calorie Diet
46 years old
Pounds lost: 80
Lost her weight in: 2000

Physical Activity (calories burned per week)
Before : 1,350
After : 3,500

Fruit and Vegetables Intake (per week)
Before : 0-7
After : 35 or more

Ruth Davidson

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