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Rick Genter

I Even Walked the Boston Marathon This Year!

“I’ve been overweight my whole life. Before , I used to go out for lunch all the time and the only vegetables I ate came on a pizza. My waist was 58 inches and I was at high risk for a heart attack and for diabetes. I had tried other diets before and would have initial success, but could never maintain the weight loss.

“Today, I feel like a 17 year old. I feel much more alive, can move more easily and have more energy. I weigh less now, at 43, than I did when I was 13! In my mind, is the only program out there that doesn’t just focus on results, but helps people change their lifestyles. It is a scientifically-based program proven to work. I am the proof! Other weight-loss group meetings seemed more like a social hour to me. Not - it is about learning and problem solving. If I have a problem – it gets addressed not only by the health educator, but also by the group of adults in the class. I haven't missed one meeting in two years.

“I’ve tried other low-calorie frozen entrees© and I really prefer ’s menu options. I see myself using meal replacements forever. They are nutritious and make good, hearty meals. They work because they control the portions and calories for me. I’ve seen the progress every week, practically everyday. I’ve replaced my wardrobe four times now and am able to shop for clothes in “normal” stores.

“I recently had a physical and my doctor was amazed. He said that I now have the cardiovascular system of a top athlete. I’m feeling so much healthier – I even walked the Boston Marathon this year!”

Very Low-Calorie Diet
43 years old
Pounds lost: 187
Lost her weight in: 2002

BMI (normal under 25)
Before : 50
After : 34

Triglycerides (normal: under 150)
Before : 220
After : 20

Rick Genter

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