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Peggy Silvis

I lost 90 pounds in six months and I feel GREAT!

I have tried many weight loss programs before, and I really feel wonderful about and its staff! Their program has excellent food (entrees, bars, and shakes), weekly meetings (a must!) and weekly weigh-ins (to keep you honest).

The health educators taught me the importance of eating 5 or more fruits and vegetables a day, and how keeping records helps you stay on track. It has been especially difficult seeing I am around food all day long, working as a Chef at the Hearthstone Restaurant in Muskegon.

helped me lose 90 pounds in six months and I feel GREAT! More importantly, their maintenance program has helped me keep my weight off since October of 2001.

I recommend this program to you if you are serious and ready to lose weight.

Peggy Silvis
Muskegon, MI

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