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Alisa Ruby-Torres

Now, the World is My Oyster!

“Before I found I was a size 24. I was an obese child and have always had weight problems. I tried more diets than I can count, but I’d lose the weight and gain it back. I felt like I was twice my age and I was exhausted. I am a teacher, so typically I’d go to the cafeteria and have whatever unhealthy food was coming out of the kitchen that day. I went to my physician and I was told that if I kept up with my unhealthy habits I would be a candidate for a heart attack within the next 5-10 years. She told me that unless I did something about my weight, she would have to refer me to a bariatric surgeon.

“If I had kept going at the rate I was, I would have physically done some irreversible things to my body. My weight was not creeping up… it was galloping!

“With I have changed my entire life. I have new friends, I go to the gym, everything has changed. eliminated my decision-making. I didn’t have a history of good decision-making surrounding food, so I was glad to have make them for me! I still eat a tremendous amount—I’ve just learned to change what I’m eating. I can see myself in the classes and using meal replacements ten years from now. I need the support and the skills they offer.

“I’m a realist. I know obesity and I’m going to need the accountability that give me for a long time. Now that I have lost the weight I am a size 6. I bought an entire wardrobe. I couldn’t stop shopping—I was so thrilled not to go into the plus-size section of the department stores. I’m living my life as a healthy person now, and nothing is more important than that.

“Now, the world is my oyster!”

Very Low-Calorie Diet
44 years old
Pounds lost: 112
Lost her weight in: 2002

Physical Activity (calories burned per week)
Before : 0
After : 3,500

Triglycerides (normal: under 150)
Before : 208
After : 64

Alisa Ruby-Torres

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